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  • Thursday - Guests arrive in time to enjoy their entire day in Miami. Here you will have time to do any additional activities before your 9PM welcome dinner at La'Cote restaurant at the Fontainebleau or a near by restaurant. (Additional activities are listed below at additional costs) *


  • Friday - Wake up in the morning and head to the beach for your Nicole Chaplin and Kamila McDonald-Alcock RELEASE & RECHARGE workout. After, Nicole and Kamila will facilitate a group discussion on fitness and major concerns and plan of action to combat against roadblocks on one’s fitness journey. After the group forum, get changed and take a dip in the pool, take advantage of our spa services or join Nicole and Kamila at their cabana for the day. Relax in the shade and enjoy food and beverages. In the evening, hit the town, enjoy dinner and table reservations at a nightclub of your choosing, or if you prefer, a reservation at a reputable lounge can be promptly secured for you and your guests.   


  • Saturday - It's your last full day in Miami. Head down to the beach for part two of your RELEASE & RECHARGE workout. After your workout, Nicole and Kamila will be discussing the nutrition side of the health and wellness. They will tackle the best way to stay on course and the most simplest recipes. Although this may be your final full day in Miami there's still time to take advantage of any additional activities, so book a late flight home and make the most of your South Beach RELEASE & RECHARGE retreat.


  • Sunday - You and your companions have had an incredible time at the RELEASE & RECHARGE South Beach weekend. Time to hit the beach one last time for part three of your RELEASE & RECHARGE workout before you head back home. Stay tuned to and for updates on future events!

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