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R.E.A.L. Relationships Discussion Event

So many questions about how to obtain and or maintain a positive real relationship. We are going to explore some real answers! R.E.A.L. stands for Responsible Ethical Authentic and Lifelong.

Join an afternoon of uplifting and mind stimulating dialogue with: @NicoleChaplin

Nicole Chaplin, The Fitness Rockstar™ hosting:

**Rob Hill Sr.

**Derrick Jaxn

**Moses "Moe" Verneau

**Kel Spencer

Let's get real with 4 very influential gentlemen. Discuss real relationships and how we as a culture can better dialogue with all types of relationships in our lives. This event is for both LADIES & GENTLEMEN!

Topics include:

*Dating/Dating with children

*What are the gender roles?

*Who pays for what?

*Maintaining fruitful business relationships

*Relationships - keeping it private vs. public

*Why am I single?

*How do you truly love?

** PURPOSE: Exchange positive and real dialogue to nurture and expand the knowledge of creating and maintaining positive relationships to experience greater joy, love, and fulfillment in our everyday lives.

Saturday, July 8th

12:00PM- 4:00PM (Arrive on time**)

Location: Milk River

960 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11238


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